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Join as we line up for the opening night showing of SOLO: A Star Wars Story at the world famous TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, while we again raise money to benefit the Starlight Children's Foundation!


When: May 22nd, 2018 (7pm) to May 24th, 2018 (7pm)

Where: TCL Chinese Theatre Courtyard, Hollywood, CA







Does this get me a ticket to the movie?

Not yet. This is a prepaid seat reservation through Once we complete our group purchases of tickets from the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, we will then dstribute those tickets to everyone via the raffle draws in line. (see below).



Is this for the "red carpet" world premiere?

No, the world premiere is an entirely separate event (on a different date) that is unattached to us at



I heard something last time about a "Disney Fan Event" that costs more?

For The Last Jedi as well as Black Panther and Infinity War, Disney charged extra for opening night "fan event" tickets. We don't know if this is happening for SOLO, and our ticket prices are based on regular IMAX pricing. However, if there is a Disney-driven price increase, we will ask you to pay that difference when you pick up your ticket. We don't want to overcharge you right now!



Usually, there are a minimum number of hours required in line to be part of your event and get tickets. Is that how it works this time?

Nope! For the stand-alone films (our shorter 48-hour lines), we use a raffle-style system. Everyone gets a raffle ticket when you arrive and sign up. Each night (Tuesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 23) at 9 pm, we draw and see who picks first choice of seats. If you arrive after that evening's drawing, you will need to wait until the next evening's drawing to select your seat(s). We'll have a last-chance raffle at 10 am on Opening Day (May 24).



Can I buy my tickets and just show up on opening day?

If you've already gotten your tickets from one of the raffles, then you don't need to be present in line. However, we strongly encourage everyone to stay, hang out, and have fun with other fellow Star Wars fans!



What if I pre-reserve my spot here, and don't show up until showtime?

If you do not take part of any of our raffle drawings, then on opening day (Thursday, May 24) you will get assigned whatever seats are left over. The sooner you get in the drawing, the better your seats will be!


Please note: we are typically allowed into the theater two hours before showtime. At that time, no Organizer will be available to give you your ticket. You MUST be at the Chinese Theatre no later than 4 pm on Thursday May 24, or risk not getting your ticket. There will be no refunds for this event.



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

You must be 18 or older to line up with us without a Parent or Guardian present.



Can I buy a T-shirt or badge for this line?

Yes! We have fantastic custom-designed T-shirts and badges available -- you can buy them through this EventBrite along with your ticket. These are soft-wash t-shirts and might run a little small, so consider sizing up.



What are my transportation and parking options for the line?

The Chinese will validate parking at the Hollywood & Highland (H&H) complex. There is local street parking, but can be very hit and miss. The LA Metro Red Line has a convenient stop at the H&H complex.



What can/can't I bring to the line?

No weapons, alcohol, or drugs are allowed in line.



Who can I contact with any questions?

Contact us on our Facebook page, or at!



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